How to Claim Money at Palawan Express Pera Padala

Palawan Express Pera Padala is Palawan Pawnshop’s fast and simple domestic remittance service with the cheapest rate of only a P2.00 minimum. With an efficient system, reliable and happy-to-serve frontliners, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. As one of the largest money transfer businesses in the Philippines, they are also in partnership with LBC and SM Malls.

You will know if the money is ready to be claimed because you will receive a text notification like this.
palawan express padala send money

How to Claim you Cash?
1. Fill-out the Receive Money Form that will require you to provide complete Sender’s Name, complete Receiver’s Name, PEPP Transaction Code and Amount of remittance.

PEPP receive form

2. Place the accomplished Receive Money Form and valid ID on the tray provided at the branch counter before handing it to the branch associate.

3. Sign and receive your copy of the computer-generated Receive Money Form.

4. Check and count your money before leaving the branch. Make sure you have your ID back also.

Once claimed, the sender will receive an SMS notification that you have successfully claimed / received the money sent.

Accepted Valid IDs:
palawan pawnshop accepted IDs

Claim Remittance from Abroad
claim remittance from abroad

How to Send Money at Palawan Express Pera Padala

In the Philippines, Palawan Express Pera Padala (PEPP) is the most convenient way to send money nationwide. Aside from the cheap send money rates and charges, you can find outlets to any provinces and cities in the country. PEPP locations will accept and pay out remittances only in cash and in Philippine pesos.

Sending money is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Fill up the Send Money form. (Important fields are Date, Sender’s Name and contact number, Recipients Name, Contact number and location. Then the amount to send. Then signature.)

PEPP send money form

2. Prepare your money and line up at the teller for receiving.
3. Sit down, wait for your name to be called.
4. Once processed, you will receive a text message notification that your money is ready to be claimed by the recipient.

Something like this.

palawan express padala send money

The Receiver should present valid ID, correct PEPP transaction code, name of the Sender, and approximate amount of the remittance. The Receiver may be requested to present additional requirements as necessary.

Palawan Express Pera Padala Rates
Rates come in two sets. Visayas, Mindanao and Southern Luzon National Capital Region and the rest of Luzon.

This is the Visayas (Cebu) Rate as of November 2015
PEPP rates

The Sender shall pay the fees for remittance, at rates which are published in the sending PEPP location. Such rates may change without prior notice. No fees shall be collected from the Receiver.

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday – 8am to 6pm
Sunday – 8am to 5pm

For more information, please visit their website at

Sinulog Cebu, Philippines

The Sinulog Festival is an annual cultural and religious event in Cebu City held during the third Sunday of January. It showcases the most number of participants and the best choreographic exhibition of any festival in the Philippines. The center of the celebration is the Santo Niño de Cebu (the image of child Jesus), which every Catholic believed to be a miraculous image. The celebration lasts for 9 days. One of the main highlights is the Sinulog Grand Parade which lasts for 9 to 12 hours during day time with participants coming from the different towns and cities of Cebu and other parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Sinulog dance contingents are dressed in vibrant costumes dancing gracefully to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs. The contest is always held at Cebu City Sports Complex.

The Sinulog Festival has always been promoted as a tourist attraction and popular among local tourist and foreigners. When you plan to witness it, bring a camera and take as much photos and souvenirs as you can. To get here, book a flight to Cebu.

Sinulog History
It was originated way back to the times of the Spaniard colonization when they introduced Christianity and Sto. Niño to the native Filipinos in 1521. The first Sinulog was organized in 1980 and until now it is being celebrated, and never fails to amaze the visitors.

‘Sinulog’ comes from the Cebuano adverb “sulog” which is “like water current movement,” which describes the two steps forward and one step backward movement of the Sinulog dance.

Filipino Culture: Specific information on Rice

Filipina girl loves rice

Filipinas and their absolute unmitigated love affair with Rice. Take it from me, an American man whose been married to a Filipina woman for six years. If you can grasp this facet of Filipino culture and feed her right. You run a much better chance of having your honey become just as committed to you as she is to having, not just a daily meal of rice, but literally rice with every, single, meal, of the day. Without pause, or relief.

Guys laugh at your Filipinas and disregard your Filipina woman’s desire for an unending, unrelenting, never stream of rice at your peril. You can laugh and tell yourself I’m full of B.S. but pause for just a moment. Eating rice is almost like a Filipino religion. I challenge you to find any man with a Filipina woman, not just Cebuanas who come from the middle part of the Philippines, whose wife doesn’t suck down rice like it was going out of fashion.

Call them up, ask them and they’ll all tell you the same story. Some men require their Filipino women to cook them an American meal, while she cooks whatever she wants for herself.

You don’t know how much stress and heart ache I suffered until I realized that eating Rice wasn’t just a Filipino culture phenomenon. I had to start thinking about it the same way you’d think about Hindus eating cows or Muslims steering clear of pork. Only in the reverse. If you view her as some kind of strange Amish person who has Filipino Religion required dietary staples you’ll be much closer to figuring out why your girl isn’t eating.

Filipino rice

Take my advice. Jasmine rice is the best and will earn you a hug. Long grain is good enough for a peck on the cheek. But steer clear of wild, brown or short grain rice. Your Filipina love will thank you. Also a word to the wise, find the nearest Asian specialty store. A Chinese run specialty Asian store will be 95% as good. Rule of thumb plan to go to an Asian Market Store every other or every third time and you will have a much happier Filipina woman.

I drove an hour each way twice a month to get her food for her. She picked it and I pushed the shopping cart but it definitely saved me in eating out, and more importantly it kept my little Cebuanas happy.

Filipina woman loves rice

So to recap. Happiness through food. View rice as a fact of life the equivalent of a Filipino Religious belief and your Filipina woman will love you to pieces if you let her shop at a place where she has access to ‘her foods’. Just give her long enough to realize the relative scarcity of ‘her’ foods in the regular super markets, maybe a week or two. Then surprise her by taking her to an Asian Market.

You can Google the nearest place. If you’re in the city this is much easier, if you live in the country it’ll be a drive. Regardless make sure to take credit for all your hard work at transplanting a vital part of her native Filipino culture, the food she eats, into your home.

I promise you, you can’t go wrong with this advice.